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Tuesday, January 24, 2012


When we first met Ngay and Frances, we immediately felt that these two are special. They booked our cinematography services for their wedding exactly 10 days before their event which is a little unusual since we always get booked 3-6 months before an event. Luckily, we were still open on Thanksgiving Day since it’s a Holiday and mind you, they booked us for 2 consecutive days since they have 2 celebrations, a Tea Ceremony on Day 1 and a Grand Chinese Reception for 800 people on Day 2… Yes, 800! And this was our biggest headcount yet! Moving on… All they wanted initially was the typical and traditional wedding video like what most of us know… the long, boring, 1 to 2-hour old-school wedding videos that we only watch once, or maybe twice if you own it! lol But when we showed them what they could possibly have, which is a 15 to 20-minute cinematic feature film, they instantly gave us their blessing. As per Ngay, “Ok! Let’s DO IT!” As artists, we value our craft so much that we appreciate it a lot when our clients give us their full trust and confidence when it comes to our work. As a result, we enjoyed every minute working with these wonderful people. They eventually became our friends and food-buddies! =) As a film editor, I personally got soooo inspired watching and editing the footage from their wedding and that’s a BIG plus! Cuz the personality of our clients also reflect on our work. Ngay and Frances are fun, loving couple. And these are the actual traits that reflect on their own wedding film –- FUN & LOVE! Watch their video and see for yourselves! ;-)

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